The best fruit from own cultivation around the world

We are EXSA Berries, product specialist in blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, strawberries and currants. Our passion is to share the purest flavour and quality berries with our clients.

Together with our global partners in the chain, we are sharing information and expertise to expand the business in berries. The next level in the world of berries. EXSA Berries.


Research shows us that customers often disappointed with the berries they buy. We believe when we consistently increase the level of satisfaction there is a lot of potential.

As support, EXSA is IFS Broker certified at Higher level. EXSA offers a range of specialized services. We pack exclusively and tailored for our customers at our facility in Elshout the Netherlands. Please tell us your preferences and we make a custom made solution for you.


“Worldwide, there are plenty of innovations, new varieties and different new countries of origin. This requires expertise, service, innovation and differentiation.” Laurens Snijders


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Exsa berries distinguishes itself in the field of expertise from cultivation to consumer. Within Exsa there are many contacts with growers worldwide.


At EXSA berries we make use of the packaging facility at EXSA in Elshout (Netherlands). Here we pack exclusively for our customers and improve our packaging materials day by day.


EXSA berries always starts with the consumer. The needs of the consumers are very important to us. That’s why we always like to listen to our customers’ needs and of their customers.